„Kolor Metal Tadeusz Pacyna sp. z o.o. deals with buying and selling colored metal scrap in Poland and abroad. We purchase a wide range of metals and metal scrap and particularly:
  • copper in any form
  • tan
  • brass
  • aluminium in any form
  • tin clean and alloy
  • zinc and lead
  • crome steel (Cr), CrNi steel
  • steel scrap
  • Nickel (anodes, cathodes, granulate and others)
  • kobalt metaliczny i jego związki tj. tlenki i proszki
  • tungsten, molibdenium , vanadium
  • iron alloys 
  • car catalysts
  • titanium and WCCO
  • rare metals (AlNiCo, Alni, tantalum, antymony, silver, germianium)
  • nodules: Al., Cu, Ms, Br

We are also interested in purchasing other metals offered by customers. Our employees will evaluate your delivery fast and professional. We are prepared for a wide scale trading and paying in a convenient way.

In Lodz and in Rzeszow we own a technical equipment that evaluates metals chemistry. We are opened for new offers as well as new markets for selling and buying.

We'd like to invite companies, works and private persons interested in scrap and colored metals trading.