About us

The company provides it's services Since 1991. Our basic activity is buying and selling colored metals scrap along with smelting aluminium, brass and tan. During our activity we have gained an enormous experience and we established cooperation with the most of polish colored metal companies. We were able to establish particularly good cooperation with polish colored metal ironworks which we deliver large quantities of material. This form of cooperation is constantly developing.

Kolor Metal takes part in eliminating illegal waste dumps by dealing with metals and increasing social ecological wisdom. We buy a range of scrap and colored metals, also by arranging aluminium collection at schools.
Our goal is to systematically increase our participation in colored metal market in Poland by openings new divisions and purchases in regions where Kolor Metal doesn't exist yet and by confirming our position in the market.

Our mission is a constant development and widening our purchasing offer.
Currently Kolor Metal works in 10 provinces in Poland. We own 30 purchases and 5 full- sized objects adjusted to unloading even four trucks at once.
We own a car fleet for scrap transportation - trucks with containers or tippers.
We have all the needed permissions to collect, transport and store dangerous scrap We run a full evidence of bought and sold scrap according to standing regulations